Digital Storytelling: A Webquest

Graphic Organizers

At this point you have worked out your story topics and story elements.  Now, in order to help you begin to put some details down on paper you will be utilizing a graphic organizer.  This is essentially a visual map that you fill in with information to begin to create an overall story.  Don't worry if this sounds complicated, you are just concentrating on a few main story aspects for now and don't need to worry about each little detail.  Below are provided a few techniques you can use as well as some extra links to other additional graphic organizers.  As many of the ideas and formats will overlap feel free to choose whichever format best allows you to communicate and decide on what your story will be about.  Also, if you find one outside of these links you'd like to use that is fine, just provide a link to it and a description of it in your response.

Once you've decided on a graphic organizer to utilize you should print it out and then fill in the information.  You will be handing these in at the end of the unit as well as using the information you develop to eventually create your Digital Story, so hang onto them!  When you complete this aspect of the unit refer to the response question below:

 - Write 5-6 sentences about the process you just completed.  Make sure to explain how you though through the decisions you had to make and how the graphic organizer aided or hindered the process.

A storyboard can be used for any media presentation.  If you choose to use a storyboard use at least 10 pictures.  For video's here is a great source with some examples also available on the right side of the screen under the picture.  Also, for a good outline of what a rough storyboard will contain try this article by Jane Stevens.

Story Mapping
Story mapping is less visual and more concept based.  Anyone who thinks better by writing information down will most likely prefer story mapping.  Here is a great program from NCTE's ReadWriteThink that will guide you through the creation of your story map.  Also, on a much simpler level here is a simple story mapping template.

Other Links
If neither idea above appeals to you or you'd rather use a slightly different format than provided check out these links to some other templates.  Once again, don't forget, if you find one you'd rather use feel free to.  Just mention so in your response and provide a link to the template.
 - Flow Chart
 - Story Map Version
 - Another Story Map Version
 - Yet Another Story Map Version
 - Step-By-Step Chart
 - Time-Order Chart
 - Sequence Chart

Once you have completed your graphic organizer and the response move on to create your Written Product.