Digital Storytelling: A Webquest


In this unit the largest concentration will be on reflections.  For many of the sections, and at specific points in the process of creating your Digital Story, I have noted that you will be required to write a reflection.  For each reflection I have also made sure to note how much writing is intended to remove any confusion or concerns, however you should always feel free to write more if you so desire.  In your responses make sure to copy and past the question in, so that as I read through them later I will have not have to guess about what you are responding to.  Finally, have no worries about accidentally missing a response section, just look for this formatting and you will know that a response is expected:

 - Response requirements and length here

Make sure you keep all your reflections together within a large text file, such as in Microsoft Word, because this is one of the products that you will be turning in at the end of the unit for assessment.  Note that all assessment information will be available throughout the unit on the Assessment page.

Why Tell Stories?
One of the most important questions that you can ask as we begin this unit is 'Why should I tell a story?'  That is a perfectly valid question to ask!  Provided here is a short response to that question.  After reading over the response I want you to think hard about the reasons that were just provided and your own ideas about why we do and should tell stories.

 - In 4-5 sentences write down some of what you are thinking about concerning why we tell stories

What is Digital Storytelling?

That is a very important aspect of this unit and a great question to address, as it would be very hard to create a digital story without even knowing what it is.  Provided here is a great, detailed explanation of what Digital Storytelling is and what elements compose it.

 - In 4-5 sentences respond to the explanation of digital storytelling.  Do the elements make sense?  How much does it resemble and how much does it differ from traditional storytelling?  Does this aid or take away from the story?

Examples of Digital Storytelling
Provided below are some links to examples of Digital Storytelling.  You are required to watch at least one of them.  However, feel free to watch as many as you like.  The more exposure you have to this medium for storytelling the more you will understand its intricacies and hopefully come to appreciate it.
 - A list of digital stories compiled by the University of Massachusetts Amherst
 - A few examples provided by the University of Houston
 - A collection of Digital Stories provided by The Center for Digital Storytelling

 - In 5-6 sentences respond to the Digital Story that you watched.  What was it about?  How did it make you feel?  Did its being a Digital Story possibly benefit its message?  In addition, make sure to include a hyperlink to the story you discuss so that I may consult it in order to understand your reactions and response.

Once you are done move on to Story Topic.