Digital Storytelling: A Webquest


After all your hard work it is finally time to present your Digital Story!  For the presentation days please bring the following to class to turn in:

 - A copy of your Digital Story on a CD or DVD

 - The filled out Graphic Organizer

 - A printed version of the Written Product, i.e. your short story or script*

 - A printed out version of your total Response text file*

* Note: If you want you can have the Written Product and Response file on the same CD or DVD as the final presentation.  It would save paper and allow you less to have to keep track of.

Once the presentations are over you will be responsible for the following in-class assignment that should be turned in at the end of class the last day of presentations:

 - Write a 1-2 pg reflection in which you reflect on the overall effect of the stories.  In this you will highlight your favorite moments in some of the stories and explain why they were so effective.  Also, you will be asked to provide your own definition for what Digital Storytelling is and to explain how you believe Digital Storytelling could or did benefit you as a student.

For any worries about the grading process and overall unit address the Assessment section.  Otherwise rejoice that you have completed this project and read over the Conclusion of the unit.