Digital Storytelling: A Webquest

Story Topic

Welcome to what may be the toughest part of this unit.  What will your story be about?  Such as vague question is by no means easy to answer.  However, with some time and outside sources you should be able to slowly yet steadily work your way to a story topic.  The first step is to look through this list of classic story types.  Don't just read through your favorite genres to read, but think about the stories you tell other people and what genres they fall within.  Perhaps even go out on a limb and read through some genres you've never heard of or been interested in before, you never know when you might change your might.  If you don't find a genre you like feel free to create your own!  These are just a guide to get you thinking, not required types.

 - Select a genre you'd like your story to be in, either from the list, another source, or one you made up.  List what it is, explain what it is, and then free write for as long as you like about that genre, examples of it, anything it brings to mind, etc.  This is very informal writing so just type as you think, hopefully this will help you work out an idea of what genre you will want to use.

Now you will need to think of a specific situation or idea that you'd like to present within that genre.  Don't worry too much about the absolute specifics, just try to generate a general idea of what your story will be about.

 - In 5-6 sentences explain the specific situation or idea that you will be centering your creation of a story around.  Explain your reasoning for choosing it and even how you might approach it.

Once you are done with this part move on to Story Elements.