Digital Storytelling: A Webquest


By now you have created and finished your story or script.  So much work has led up to this moment.  At last you get to develop all your ideas and writing into a polished Digital Story!  While you are composing your Digital Story don't forget that you can include images, audio, and video as well as any combination of all three.  So feel free to try out whichever program or type of media you prefer. What's most important here is the overall story.  When you are finished creating the story you will have to address the two aspects described below in your response file, so keep them in mind, especially the second one, as you are creating your story.  Otherwise try and enjoy this assignment, you have worked hard to prepare for this part and you should be proud of what you create.

 - Once you have finished creating your Digital Story write a polished 1-2 pages in your reflection file explaining the program you used, the process of creating your Digital Story with that program, what you emphasized, how the technology helped the story, and finally how your story differs from the written version.

 - Provide a specific section in your response file AND at the end of your Digital Story where you cite the location of each piece of media you used that was not created by yourself.  This way there will be no confusion over authorship, trademarks, or plagiarism.

Below is a list of some programs that you can use to create your final product as well as some information about them.  However, don't feel you have to use these programs necessarily, explore any other means you want to, this is about your story and should be done in a way you feel will effectively communicate that story.

Windows Movie Maker
This is a great, free program that is very popular for digital storytelling.
 - Download Here
 - Tutorial Here
 - Information on how to create a story with it

Microsoft PowerPoint
Another great program to use, though a little more complicated than Movie Maker it has the capability to include a lot of visual and audio aspects together, as well as easy integration of text.  The one downside is that it is a pay program.  However, if you cannot use the computers at school you could also download a free tutorial for the purposes of completing this Digital Story.
 - Free 60-day Trial
 - Great Tutorial

It's 'Impress' application is free and is supposed to be similar to PowerPoint.  Also it is said to be very easy to learn.
 - Info and Download
 - All Tutorials
 - Impress Tutorial

Microsoft PhotoStory 3
A free program that utilizes photos.  Has a great tutorial website that will help explain how to create a digital story specifically with PhotoStory 3.
 - Download Here
 - Tutorial Here

Other Programs
Below are some links to other sites that will provide a list of programs you can use to create your Digital Story.  This includes some specifically Apple programs.
 - University of Houston's List
 - Electronic Portfolio's List

Once you have completed creating your Digital Story it will finally be time for the Presentation.