Digital Storytelling: A Webquest

Written Product

By now you have storyboarded, mapped, or organized your beginning details of a story as you saw best.  While the final product you will be producing is a Digital Story I would like to draw your attention to a wonderful phrase to remember, "If it ain't on the page then it ain't on the stage."  The idea behind creating a written product is to allow you to fully develop your ideas and concepts, this time in detail, before you sit down and begin to create you Digital Story's technological aspects.  For this part of the unit you need to create a 1-2 pg story or a 2-3 pg script using the information from your graphic organizer, story elements, and any other information you've jotted down or figured out.  This is where you will be taking all that information and filling in the gaps with solid details, dialogue, and presentation plans.  In addition to the story / script you will also be writing a short response about the process.  Provided below are the assignment and response criteria as well as some information about the story or script formats.

 - Create a 1-2 pg story or a 2-3 pg script that you will be using as the written version of your Digital Story.  Make sure to include it in your text file along with your responses.

 - In 5-6 sentences discuss how difficult this process was for you and what you thought about when attempting to move your story from a rough visual outline into a written format.

Story Guidelines
If you choose to write a 1-2 pg story then you can consult any of the stories in this collection to get an idea of how a short story looks and sound.  You should concentrate on the imagery and on explaining how the scene and story will unfold.  Just keep in mind that your story will have to be translated into a visual format, so write in a way that will make that process easier.  Also, don't forget that all the aspects you mentioned in your graphic organizer should also be addressed somehow through the story.

Script Guidelines
If you choose to write a 2-3 pg script then you can consult any of the scripts available at the Internet Movie Script Database.  Make sure to conecntrate not only on any dialogue that will occur in your story but also on the directions for how the people, environment, and overall feel will look, act, respond, interact, etc.

Once you have finished creating your Written Product then you can move on to actually creating your Digital Story and choosing the Technology to use.